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Welcome to Mara Designs 

Gifts from the Sea

My name is Muireann Ryan and I'm a contemporary jewellery maker, specializing in hand made Titanium, Silver and Pearl jewellery. I’m a lover of the sea, so a lot of my inspiration comes from there – the colours, the texture of light on water, the fluidity of water and her creatures. I’m also passionate about comfortable jewellery so I add volume and texture to my pieces without adding weight and I try to use catches that are easy to close so the pieces are easy to take on and off.
Anything on the website can be adjusted to your requirements (length of chain, type of earing, size of piece, colour of pearls and even the metal) so please get in touch if you'd like to customize anything. I'd also be delighted to accept commissions, so if you've an idea in mind and want to work with me to make it a reality, please get in touch!
I work in gold, silver, titanium and jem-stones
I believe passionately in the slow fashion movement; high-quality pieces that are versatile enough to continue wearing as fashions changes and that really enhance the wearer – pieces that can be handed down to the next generation. All my jewellery is crafted in Ireland by hand and because of this, there are no 2 pieces exactly the same, just like the wearers! I use precious metals only so the pieces will stand the test of time and all my pieces are hallmarked with my makers mark. Please allow approximately 4 weeks making and hallmarking time for pieces. 

Worldwide Shipping
Free Eu shipping on all orders over 140 euro.
If you'd like a quote for shipping outside the EU, please get in touch

All my pieces can be altered to suit you and your requirements, so please get in touch!
Examples people have requested; to shorten a chain so it can be worn by a child, Use grey pearls instead of pink, use a larger chain closing to accommodate arthritic fingers, make the piece in gold instead of silver, make a bracelet into a necklace, use ear wires instead of sleepers, make a ring ‘wish-bone’ shaped so it sat more comfortably. Previous commissions....

One of the things I love about precious metal is just how adaptable it is – it can be re-purposed or re-made into something new almost endlessly! So those lovely earrings of your Mothers where she lost  one in the Jacuzzi on the holiday of a lifetime – the solo earring can be re-fashioned into a bracelet charm or used as the centerpiece for a pendant. The wedding band that had to be cut off your finger can be melted down to make cuff-links or a new ring – the possibilities are endless!
The silver and gold I use in my pieces is recycled and I carefully collect all my metal filings and scrap sheet to use in cast pieces. I use simple but durable cardboard packaging to reduce waste in the production of the packaging, its transport and its eventual recycling.
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