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Mara Designs - From the Sea


"Mara" is the irish word for the sea: as a passionate scuba diver, I get a lot of inspiration from my time on the water. The waters around Ireland are some of the most spectacular and rich diving spots in the world, full of interesting rock formations, walls of stunning jewel anenomies and teeming with characterful fish. I love that through my work, I can give the wearer of my pieces some of the peace and joy I experience underwater. 



To create beautiful, timeless jewellery that's comfortable to wear and as individual as the person wearing it. 

About the maker

I'm a qualified Mechanical Engineer and worked as an Engineer for 25 years, both in Ireland and the UK. But in 2021, after taking stock of what I wanted to achieve in my life, I made the decision to turn jewellery making into a career. So I left my job, signed up for a full-time jewellery making course and haven't looked back!

I now work from my home close to the Nire Valley in rural County Waterford, creating my jewellery and running my business. I sell wholly online at the minute, though this might change in the future. 

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