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A pendant from the sea - Inspired by the kelp found all over the coast of Ireland, this pendant is an eye-catching design that sits well with either v-neck tops or high round necks. Because of the fastening, the titanium sea-weed swings as you move, catching the light and it's mounted on a thick snake chain to give a contrast to the organic shape of the seaweed. The silver is finished to a high polish and the titanium is couloured to inlude variations of blue, purple and gold.

The pendant measures 4cm by 3cm. I'm wearing a 16inch (40cm) chain, but it can also be supplied with an 18inch chain.

Seaweed pendant III

  • The colour on the titanium is stable - however it can be scraped off by abrasive surfaces so to prevent this (and darkening of the silver) try to store your jewelry on it's original packaging.

    The necklace can be made in any chain length desired, so please get in touch if you'd like a different length.

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