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Beautiful flower earrings made in contemporary matt silver and coloured titanium - these earrings are light and easy to wear, but have visual impace due to thier size and the "zing' of the titanium. The long ear wires mean they're particularly secure in your ears, while still being easy to insert and take out. 

Total length of the earring is 6cm. 

Speedwell Earrings

  • The colour on the titanium is stable - however it can be scraped off by abrasive surfaces so to prevent this (and darkening of the silver) try to store your jewellery in it's original packaging.

    The earrings can be made in any length desired, so please get in touch if you'd like a different length. The earring wires are 0.8mm as standard, but they can also be made in 1mm diameter if you prefer a sturdier look. 

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