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The Dance necklace is designed to sit gracefully on the neck, but with subtle shifts in outline as you move, changing it from a 'round neck' shape to more of a 'v' depending where the free disks sit. The silver in the necklace has been left matt and hammered to give it texture, while the Titanium is high-shine and catches the light with it's range of blue, purple and pink irridescant colours.

The chain measures a total of 48cms (19 inches) and is closed by a titanium toggle. 

The Dance - Necklace

  • The colour on the titanium is stable - however it can be scraped off by abrasive surfaces so to prevent this (and darkening of the silver) try to store your jewelry on it's original packaging.

    The necklace can be made in any chain length desired, so please get in touch if you'd like a different length.

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