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I love working with customers on comissions - it's great to see other peoples imaginations at work and create something that totally suits them and thier design asthetic and it opens up new ideas for me also. Below are a couple of comissions I've done for people so you have an idea of what they look like.

In terms of the process: generally its best to meet you face-to-face or on video, so I can get an idea of what you're looking for and sketch a few things then and there. I'll then go back to my bat cave and do up some proper sketches. This can go back and forth a couple of times via e-mail until you're 100% happy with the design. I'll then price the piece and at this stage you're under no obligation to order the piece, but be assured that the prices I charge for commissions are in line with the prices on my website!Oncy you confirm you want to order, we'll arrange payment and the piece will be with you, packaged and hallmarked, in 4 weeks. 



This delicate silver and titanium piece was made for a friends daughter; the brief was to make something simple and understated, but maybe referencing the fact that the lady was pregnant at the time. So the silver disk represents the mother and the titanium the soon-to-be baby!

Dance Necklace

A lovely lady came to see my stall at Mountain View Market and really liked the Dance Bracelet, but wanted to wear it as a necklace. As I already had the components made and hallmarked, it was a 2 week turnaround for this comission and a very happy customer!

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