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These are a selection of reviews that my wonderful customers have sent me.....


I have a number of jewellery pieces from Mara Design. Everything is so well finished and beautifully packaged. Rare to find such cool design that’s super functional.



Absolutely love Mara Designs. Jewelry is of the highest standards. Such unique designs



When I got home from the hairdresser today the necklace was waiting for me.  I have been wearing it for a few hours now and it is so comfortable I don’t even know I have it on (which is great for me as I don’t normally wear necklaces and when I do they tend to bother me for a while).  


I am delighted with it as it is lovely with casual clothes but it also looks classy with a dress.  My husband even said the necklace was lovely on me.  Thanks so much for making it specially for me.


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